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Entry #2

Haylo update

2009-02-16 16:25:52 by WolfandDemo

All of the animation is completely finished, i just have to add in the audio and upload that beast. Demo is being a jew right now and ive done all the work on this vid so i might just upload it without any of his audio in it. Anywho vote it 5 and what not.


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2009-03-12 20:29:56

You used poor sloppy tweens. I do use flash and have a general understanding of it. First and foremost you did use bitmaps, the "high school musical" and "emo hair" BITMAPS where taken off of the internet :P

Suck it. Your movies suck, and to be an ass I'll lower all of your scores :P


2009-03-13 15:49:29

No way! I am too!


2009-11-06 17:13:10

Shut up, we win and you lose. its not "I win and you lose:) " Go do smething that has a meaning.


2011-06-15 20:02:11

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